JoJo’s Mardi Gras Band

JoJo's Mardi Gras Band

Last weekend I went to see JoJo’s Mardi Gras Band at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. JoJo is the keyboardist for Widespread Panic, but his side project is nothing like his main band – Jojo’s Mardi Gras Band plays nothing but fast moving Mardi Gras music that keeps you but shaking the entire time. They have that quintessential sound of New Orleans. I suggest the next time your in town you go check them out. JoJo’s MGB doesn’t have any recorded music but you can purchase a live album of their 2007 Denver performance. Somebody at the show on Saturday had a mic set up, so I’m sure there is a copy of it out there somewhere. Taper, if your reading this, I’d love a copy. As an added extra bonus to the evening I visited my secret bar.

2008: The Year In Music

According to last.fm these are the bands that I listened to most during 2008. There are a few bands that were also on last years list, namely Ween and Modest Mouse, however both have slid down in there positioning.

    1. Ween (4th last year)
    2. The Beatles (9th last year)
    3. Nirvana
    4. Pixies
    5. Peter Tosh
    6. Gomez
    7. Built To Spill
    8. Neutral Milk Hotel
    9. Pennywise
    10. The Raconteurs

Below is a wave graph of the top 75 artists that I listened to over the last year (click for a larger image). It’s a great way to visualize the trends in my listening habits throughout the year. And it sure is purty.
2008 Wave Graph

And these are the songs I listened to most:

    1. The Raconteurs – Together
    2. Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    3. The Raconteurs – Intimate Secretary
    4. Ween – She’s Your Baby
    5. Peter Tosh – Get Up, Stand Up
    6. Nirvana – About A Girl (Home Recording)
    7. The Raconteurs – Yellow Sun
    8. Pixies – Alec Eiffel
    9. Built To Spill – Goin’ Against Your Mind
    10. The Rolling Stones – She’s So Cold

As far as live music goes, here are my 2008 top four:
1. Ween
2. Bishop Allen / The Republic Tigers / Electric Owls
3. Widespread Panic
4. The Police / Elvis Costello And The Impostors

Last.fm is the service I use to track my listening habits. I’m always trying to discover new music so please go ahead and friend me over at last.fm.

And if you are really bored you can check out my Twones account which tracks all of my music listening on Hypemachine, MySpace, Youtube, and Favtape.

A Tall Cold One

Well WSP at Redrocks this year was once again amazing. They broke the record with more consecutive sellout shows at redrocks than any other band and the Mayor proclaimed Friday as an official Widespread Panic Day. No, seriously.

Here’s a stream of Saturday’s show.

I had a blast. Great company. Perfect weather. Incredible set list. It’s weird cause it seems like I always get a Talking Heads cover. This year it was “Life during Wartime”. The widespread shows are always one of my favorite parties of the year. Instead of bragging about here on Artifacting (too late?), I’ll do like I did last year and let a bunch of other blogs tell you how amazing the show was:

  • Two-month-old Ari almost made to the show but was foiled in the last minutes. Fortunately Dad got to go though. Next year Ari!
  • Two-year-old Evan, however, did make it to the show.
  • The Joker never fails to supply some of the best coverage of shows in the Denver area (This time on Coventry instead of Bathtub Gin).
  • MacG came in from out of town and nearly as much fun as I did. Worth visiting for the pretty girls in bikinis at red rock pictures.
  • Amber, over at Westword, hates jam bands but finds out that Widespread has a lot more than noodling to offer.
  • Zig is traveling around the country and made it out to this weekend’s shows.
  • And Alan in Alabama regrets not going.
  • Emergency Kindness

    EC is hard to get in America due to the widespread practice of doctors and pharmacists refusing to give the pill because it conflicts with their personal beliefs. Emergency Kindness is run by a team of “Janes” spread throughout the country and will do everything in their power to get you EC before 72 hours. What a brilliant idea.

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