Thank You!

I’ve decided that four day weekends are what it’s all about.

Thanksgiving day was a raging success. We hosted about 10 people at our table, 11 if you count big bird, and I do, I do count her. She made herself into a wonderful turkey soup the next day as well. Soup on Saturday is probably the best part of Thanksgiving if you don’t include the friends, family, football, movies, beer, blankets, couch, stuffing, phone calls, babies, kids, pets, coziness, naps, wine, no-worky-ness, and you. Which I do, I’d feel bad about not counting those things, mostly because they count more than anything else, holiday or not. The turkey soup is good though. G slaved away all day cooking the feast for all of us. She was so wiped out by the end of the day that she was asleep by 9:00 that night. Neither of my parents were here for thanksgiving dinner for the first time in my life which may have been the only bummer of the entire weekend.

The majority of the weekend involved the list in the above paragraph, with a little bit of extra stuff stuck in there for good measure.


3 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. What a cool reprise of your day! I did a road trip to Estes Park (redrum!) and dinner in Boulder. It was a heavenly day and like G I was pooped and in bed by 9.

    Pix are up on Flickr if ya wanna check ’em out!

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