The Free Table

On the top floor of my apartment building, in the laundry room, is a “free table”. It’s an ordinary card table of fake brown wood, pushed up against the wall. There is a sign that is taped to the wall above the table, written out in yellow highlighter on white notebook paper, it reads “free (with an arrow pointing down toward the table)”. Residents who have belongings they no longer need or want, possessions that hold old unwanted memories or unfulfilled dreams, or just plain old junk, leave them on this table for others to take. Most of the items you find on this table are useless junk. But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that crap. What isn’t claimed by residents is then donated to the church next door or trashed (depending on its quality). I have put a half closet worth of clothes on this table over the two years that I have lived here. I have also gotten some pretty cool stuff off this table too:

  • Almost new Timberland hiking boots – A good fit when worn with two pairs of socks (which is the norm when hiking) that have been of great use during the winter.
  • Black suede pants – A great fit but needed a little repair work along one of the cuffs.
  • Bed Head Tigi bodywash – Brand new. I haven’t used it but I’m sure someone will.
  • A pair of sea-green jeans – A little large and a small hole in the crotch but great for around the house.
  • A frying pan – Has been of great use frying up tortillas for summertime tacos.
  • K2 Rollerblades – A perfect fit. Brand new, in the box, with warranty and all extra parts. I’ve yet to use them.
  • T For Him Hair and Body wash and aftershave – I just got these yesterday. I haven’t used these yet but it sure does smell nice. I think they came from a jilted lover because I saw the girl put them on the table along with several other masculine items (a wet bar set, tools) and she gave me the saddest smile as she set them down.
  • 7 thoughts on “The Free Table”

    1. well the way I interpret that sign is that you should take the table itself!

      it’s free after all…

      do you think that would be un-neighborly?

    2. I agree with Cindy. My first thought was, Why doesn’t someone take the table? Maybe the person who put the table there is saying, “I put that damn table out three years ago and it’s still there. Someone take it already!”

      By the way, just started reading your stuff. Great reading.

    3. Trust me, nobody would want to take that table for free – you’d have to be paid. I got some good stuff off that table but I have been selective, most of the stuff is real crap.

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