The Official Comprehensive List Of Slurpee Flavors

Today is July 11th. That means it’s 7-11. And that means it’s free Slurpee day. It is also supposed to get up 99 degrees in Denver today, so the timing couldn’t be better. Take note of the flavors in the store you went to and add it to the Flavor Map. Below is a comprehensive list of current (and past) Slurpee flavors. If you know of a flavor I’m missing, put it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. Be careful out there kids.

Slurpee Flavors
7-Up Green
7-Up Ice
7-Up Tropical
Amp Energy Freeze
Artic Burst
Banana Split
Black Cherry
Black Pina Colada
Blue Berry Blast
Blue Meanie (Australia Only)
Blue Raspberry Rush
Blue Shock
Blue Vanilla
Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla
Bruisin’ Berry
Bruisin’ Berry Grape
Bubble Yum
Bumblebee Blast
Café Latte
Candy Cane
Cherry Coke
Citrus Splash
Code Red
Coke Classic
Cotton Candy
Cranberry Sprite
Cream Soda (Barq’s)
Crystal Light Berry Pomegranate (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Cherry Limeaide (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Orange Pineapple Ice (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Passionfruit (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Peach Mango Fusion (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Raspberry Ice (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Strawberry Banana (Sugar Free)
Crystal Light Tangerine Lime (Sugar Free)
Diet Pepsi
Dr. Pepper
Fanta Banana
Fanta Birch Beer
Fanta Blue Cherry
Fanta Blue Raspberry
Fanta Ginger Ale
Fanta Grape
Fanta Green Lemon Lime
Fanta Green Melon
Fanta Kiwi Strawberry
Fanta Mandarin Tangerine
Fanta Orange
Fanta Orange Cream
Fanta Pina Colada
Fanta Pineapple
Fanta Purple Berry Cherry
Fanta Raspberry
Fanta Red Licorice
Fanta Super Sour Apple
Fanta Super Sour Cherry
Fanta Super Sour Watermelon
Fanta Vanilla
Fanta Watermelon
Fanta White Cherry
Fanta Wild Cherry
Fanta Wild Cherry Reduced Calorie
French Vanilla
Full Throttle Blue Demon
Full Throttle Frozen Blast
Game Fuel
Green Apple
Gully Washer
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red
Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush
Iced Tea
Jolly Rancher Sour Apple
Kryptonite Ice
Liquid Artillery
Livewire Orange
Mango Bango
Mellow Yellow
Minute Maid Blue Cherry
Minute Maid Blue Raspberry
Minute Maid Blueberry
Minute Maid Cherry
Minute Maid Grape
Minute Maid Lemonade
Minute Maid Orange
Minute Maid Passionfruit Orange
Minute Maid Peach
Minute Maid Pineapple
Minute Maid Raspberry
Minute Maid Strawberry
Mocha Chocolate
Monster Black Ice
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Blue Lightning/Shock
Mountain Dew LiveWire
Mountain Dew Pitch Black
Pepsi Blue
Pepsi Samba
Pina Colada
Pitch Black Grape
Powerade Ice
Purple S-cream
Radiation Rush
Raspberry Crystal Light
Red Cherry
Rootbeer (Barq’s)
Sierra Mist
Slurpurita Pomegranate
SnowBawls (Bawls)
Sobe Citrus
Sour Peach
Sour Strawberry
Sour Watermelon
Sprite Ice
StawberrWii Banana
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Cream
Tropical Punch
Tropicana Twister Berry
Twizzlers Strawberry
Vanilla Coke
Wild Cherry Pepsi

28 thoughts on “The Official Comprehensive List Of Slurpee Flavors”

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  2. I have always loved Slurpees, however, since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have not been able to have them. Would think with so many diabetics in this country that they would make these with diet pop. This would be quite lucrative for the company. As diabetics, we tend to crave that sweet taste & this would certainly be nice.

    1. I agree Linda, having one of four slurpee taps designated to diet soda would be a boon to both diabetics and dieters alike. Not to mention a shiny, new dime to the 7-11 corp.

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    1. Aw-wa Aw-wa Ukelele.

      There were a bunch of crazy-named flavors back then:
      Red Eye
      Fulla Bulla
      Sticky Icky
      Kiss Me You Fool
      Blue Blunder
      Pink Fink
      Gully Washer

      .. and so on.

      1. Raymond Hensley

        and so on? I jumped on here looking for these older “crazy” flavor names and you, MIKEW are the first mention I have found of them. please tell me more!!! Fulla Bulla I now recall!!

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  5. I have about 30 flavors you are missing,I have the actual slurpee header cards that went on the machines to verify my email is if you are interested in adding them to your list

  6. There was a flavor called Istanbul at 7-11in Daytona beach Florida in the 60’s. It was light Pink and tasted fruity.

  7. Michael Anderson

    Nobody believes me, and I know it sounds awful, but I swear it is true and it was actually pretty good. Back in 1988 at a 7-11 on Meadowbrook Road in Novi, Michigan, I had a CHOCOLATE Slurpee. It was awesome.

  8. A few years ago there was a mango ice tea flavor that was amazing… oh, and my birthday is 7/11… celebrate every year with free slurpees!

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  10. During the late-1960s or early 1970s as part of a “Flintstones” promotion there was briefly a “Bam Bam Cola” offered. It was darker (and, as I remember, a bit sweeter) than the regular Coke flavored Slurpee.

  11. Oh you’re missing Red Apple🍎…so delicious…had it last summer (’16) and have been looking for it ever since….SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!🙌🙌🙌 Anyone else???

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