The Revolution Will Be Archived

I’m not a huge fan of Prince or his Revolution but I know there are readers here who are. So I wanted to point you out to a great post by Pete over at ickmusic, which includes a download of Prince And The Revolution’s last live show. Pete says,

“So the last official gig with this [original] lineup took place on September 9th, 1986 in Yokohama, Japan. It was the last show of the Parade tour. Prince pulled out a B-side rarity (”Love or Money”), a heartfelt version of “Sometimes it Snows in April”, a killer jam on “Anotherloverholenyohead”, a preview of “Hot Thing” during “Head”, and so much more.”

The post follows up with a “where are they now” type of thing for each of the members of The Revolution.

4 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Be Archived”

  1. people tend to clump prince and madonna in the same category, and it tends to drive me mad.

    a lot of people know how much i can’t stand madonna – because she’s a profit-driven publicity whore who, aside from rarely writing or performing her own crappy music, crowned herself the queen of a generation’s sexual revolution (don’t even get me started), will exploit anything as long as it keeps her relevant, and is a business person before she’s an artist, if she’s even an artist.

    and prince is pretty much the opposite of all of that – widely underappreciated and a damn good performer. he has a clear message that his fans adore because it’s genuine, not because he’s spent years trainging them to love him like robots like some other blonde ambitions.

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