The Revolution Will Be Televised

Banksy storyboarded and directed a new opening sequence for the Simpsons on Sunday night. In classic Bansky fashion, he paints a dark, and creepy vision of the world with a behind the scenes look at the process of animation, marketing, and promotion by the behemoth 20th Century Fox.

Wooster Collective notes that this is probably “one of the most closely guarded secrets in TV history”. And the New York Times has an interview with Al Jean, an executive producer of the Simpsons, discussing how they tracked down Banksy and how Fox executive’s reacted to the opening.

Banksy has done other “Simpsons” street art including this one in New Orleans.

Banksy - Simpsons Must Not CopyPhoto by BerDerp

And taking it even one step further: London art collective, JBOY have created this hilarious “Simpsons” based parody of Banksy’s “Haring Dog”.

JBOY Banksy ParodyPhoto by JBOY

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