The Spawn Of Our Ramblings

The following poems were created using Rob’s site, my journal, and your comments. From the mingling of our musings a poetic child is born. The spawn of our ramblings spills forth. We wax on. The offspring of heated and impassioned ruminations.

Or maybe they’re just lame-ass word salads.

I hope you enjoy them either way.

We had been to
start their songs
are now
a grande latte, if he’s awesome or not.
sure a fucking feast. It is.
more However, because
she is not mine. I also took some
pretty good times
make sure if reality
your name in a
Posted about me as I went
over the both walked
in bed, early
more at 10
PM said…

takes care of. stories…
Get high on a smallish platform
backed by Hubs
24 total, on I
have wiped
everyone in my permission.
think she normally
like it symbolize anything? Growth,
change? reb I dunno.

Lucky your own my brother who turned into town visiting
a wonderful children’s valentine Every minute of the
reception had to tremendous proportions since. seen that
…screwed me
dinner sometimes , Good
decision, about this summer. Maybe not.

2 thoughts on “The Spawn Of Our Ramblings”

  1. How cool! I did it and here’s what came out…

    and I rule out
    Maybe this judgement.
    This time to
    And said, , Ohmygod
    I went to buy
    it.seem odd
    that group deal, I
    can work this is
    a little psycho?
    Well, it gets into my life
    I will be Zeus or Zoratheustra
    Have nothing to do

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