Top 100 Best Children’s Books

Scholastic’s Parent & Child Magazine released a list of what they thought were the best children’s books. You can see the list in an easily sortable table below. Links to for each book are also provided.

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Indeed no list like this is without its controversy. With nearly 500 books in the running it’s not surprising that there were a few essential reads missing from the list. Below are what I found to be 30 of the most glaring omissions:

[table id=6 /]

Don’t forget to go check out Schoolastics Top 100 Greatest Books for Kids. Additionally, Victoria BC librarians posted their 100 picture books to read before preschool and it’s pretty awesome too.

3 thoughts on “Top 100 Best Children’s Books”

  1. I’m glad to see that “Where the Wild Things Are” made the list, almost to the top! That was by far my favorite book, as a child! What’s coolest to me is how a forest grows in “Max”s bedroom–and grows, and grows, until the whole world is a forest!

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