Tweets For The Week Of 2008-10-06

  • The Bailout has FAILED! #
  • There has been a motion set to reconsider. #
  • Packing for our trip to Florida. #
  • They keep things loose, they keep things light. You can’t dance and stay uptight. #
  • Just returned from swimming with dolphins. What a cool experience. Eeeeeeek eeeeeek. #
  • Traveling, swallowing dramamine. #
  • Deep sea fishing was great. Four large grouper and a bunch of snapper. Dinner’s gonna be great (for a few nights). #
  • Spending the entire day relaxing at the beach. #
  • Still just laying here soaking up the sand, surf & sun. I’ll contiue to do so for the next 3 hrs. #
  • 83 degree air, 79 degree water, 2 foot surf, a slight onshore breeze and scattered cotton clouds. #
  • SNL was a good one tonight. #
  • Charlotte to Denver via airbus. #

1 thought on “Tweets For The Week Of 2008-10-06”

  1. Oh no. Blip has gotten me. I will not be able to leave my home for many moons. Damn these new glorious inventions.

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