Tweets For The Week Of 2008-10-19

  • Just finished reading Augusten Buroughs’ “Dry”. Great book. #
  • I’m bummed that I was feeling under the weather all weekend and when Monday shows up, I feel great. Nevermind, it’s just nice feeling great. #
  • Where you at? #
  • “It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.” -Arthur C Clarke #
  • When you want to kill someone, what you do is, you think about where to aim the gun. #
  • Henry has caught 4 squirrels in 4 days. They must be getting fat & slow, and probably a little daring with winter around the corner. #
  • The debates were good but the Indian food was better. #
  • ♬ Who would have thought that my favorite song this summer would be about STDs? #
  • Somehow obtained free tickets to last nights hockey game against the unwinning Philly Flyers. #
  • Thin Man say gin on the rocks please. #

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