Tweets For The Week Of 2008-10-26

  • Hit me baby one more time. “You are now following @therealbritney”. #
  • Very tired. Stayed up too late last night. #
  • Snowing! #
  • Za za za zooooooom. #
  • Spent the twilight hours raking leaves. Cathartic. #
  • Get over Sarah Palin’s $150k clothes and move on to Obama’s $2MM party he’s throwing. #
  • Picking up my mom from the airport. Should be a fun long weekend. #
  • Enjoying an afternoon at the soapbox derby at red rocks. Some great wrecks. #
  • At huge (52 person) pre-haolloween/thanksgiving (thanks-weiner) dinner. Tons of cool people, 3 turkeys, beer, and happiness. #

4 thoughts on “Tweets For The Week Of 2008-10-26”

  1. Katarina Wallin

    Got to your link through the name “Sarah Palin”. Very disappointed. Why on earth publish comments about  one’s trivial everyday pursuits? These banalities just take up  space and so constitute a sort of environmental pollution. You have a serious political situation looming over you in the U.S. So get serious! What do you think about Sarah Palin? Here in Sweden, her reputation at large is not good. We’re waiting and wondering..
    Best regards
    Katarina, Stockholm

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment Katarina. Although some of these banalities may seem like pollution, they’re actually indicative of the behavior among the candidates parties.

    What do I think of Sarah Palin? In a word, “Under-qualified”. I too am waiting and wondering.

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