Tweets For The Week Of 2008-11-16

  • I didn’t realize it was supposed to rain/snow tonight. Now I have to get all the leaves raked up today. There goes my entire afternoon. #
  • Just now finished raking leaves. My back is gonna kill me tomorrow. #
  • Fingers in the notches of your spine #
  • Twitter is in desperate need of a Douchebag Leaderboard. #
  • Fucking cat pee’d all over the bed this morning – with me in it! #
  • My twitter awesomeness is 1 #
  • Jocelyn Testes-Harder is a no-nonsense woman. “I take what’s mine, and I expect what’s coming to me.” #
  • New media cowboy #
  • Blessedly scarce and raising the roof for bad judgement. #
  • Monetize your twitter account with twittad: #
  • Trifecta! First day of snow, ski pass arrived in mail today, Warren Miller movie tonight. #
  • Waiting. Drinking beer and waiting. #
  • Went to Jack and Grill for giant burritos this morning. Then caught the Damien Hirst exhibit @ CA. “Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain” #
  • Getting ready for a big night with friends and Bishop Allen! #
  • Want! #

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