Tweets For The Week Of 2008-12-08

  • RT @rollertrain “my dirty fantasy: cutting off the fingers & tongues of people who use okthxbai lolzburger speak & feeding them to kittens.” #
  • Twitter isn’t about making everyone love me. It’s about making everyone love me more! #
  • Your gonna see the reason why when they’re spitting in your eye, when they’re spitting in your eye. #
  • Hey all you “social media experts”, are you signed up for Google Friend Connect? Check it out in my sidebar and sign up #
  • RT @hotdogsladies “I just pray that the bailouts can help these poor folks sell us more cars we can’t afford. Wait. What now?” Sums it up! #
  • Accurate description of the current automobile industry? #
  • I wonder what will happen to twitter if/when the social media expert and “I speak at $200 conferences” markets fail. #
  • finished watching We Jam Econo and have decided it’s definitive, west coast punk made east coast punk look like private school. #
  • OK, I think I’m getting tired now. Zzzzzzzzzzz. #
  • Mates Of State on Good Morning America #

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