Tweets For The Week Of 2009-02-16

  • Finally coming back to Denver after a week in the mountains. Four days in a row of skiing new snow and it’s still dumping in Winter Park. #
  • I will still occasionally eat a booger and sometimes try and get away with it in public. #tmi #
  • Mammothrept: Defined as: n. a spoiled child. Literally, “a child brought up by its grandmother.” #
  • Yes I have The Bachelor Tivo’d and yes, I(‘m going to watch it right now. #
  • RT @pasties: Hey Kaiser, If you’re gonna pay for some dumb cunt to have octuplets why can’t you pay for my $28 birth control pills? #
  • Just booked a flight to Paris in May. What was I thinking? #
  • So funny to see everyone freaking out about this “don’t click” thing. I thought it was sort of clever. #
  • Denver tweetup + free beer = #denvertweetup #
  • I’m loving how tweetdeck now handles 12secondtv. #
  • Goodnight cruel world #
  • ♥ #
  • No, it’s just another example of the dark side of social media the masturbatory echo chamber retwitting the same tweets #
  • Hit both sides of the Denver eating spectrum today. Casa Bonita for lunch and Sushi Den for dinner. #

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