Tweets For The Week Of 2009-09-21

  • Does anybody have a list of all the "tumblr" book deals done? How about a list of the "blogger" book deals? Thanks in advance. Please RT. #
  • RT @negatendo: The internet is where it's easier to talk about people rather than to them. #
  • Boy 8-Bit's new Halloween Ghoulish Mix is an enjoyable listen #
  • Choosing to manipulate the system in ways that violate the its intent is not necessarily immoral or unethical but it is potentially damaging #
  • RT @looneysonya: Please help save mtbing at APEX in golden,CO Takes 2 seconds… thank you IMBA #
  • Bit the bullet and bought a Tempur-pedic mattress today. Can't wait to go upstairs and sleep. Goodnight. #

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