Tweets For The Week Of 2009-10-19

  • See, this is why I am in love with Corey (Of Mates Of State) #
  • If you'd like, join me on Listia to get $50 in free credits: #
  • Also, I still have some and yayhooray invites. If you have been following me and want one let me know. #brizzlyinvite #
  • RT @mrlady: forgets what 8 was for. #
  • My lunch came out of a vending machine today. It tasted good but was way too expensive. #
  • The mute feature on Brizzly is absolutely brilliant. #shhhhhhh #
  • Counting the ways I watched her watch us walk away. #
  • At the Park Tavern for the first time in about five years. #
  • 10 year cask single malt whiskey and fireplace. Perfect. #
  • I can't believe I've never seen this before?! Skimboarding + Snowboard = Magic combo #

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