Tweets For The Week Of 2010-03-15

  • So let me get this straight – the endings to both the Oscars and the Olympics were weird (I didn't see either)? #
  • Why the hell is my electric company on Facebook? #
  • For those getting ready for SXSW: The Austin breakfast taco tour #
  • RT @eblakejackson: Remember when this time of year was called Spring Break? *sigh* #growingupsucks #
  • Remember foodies, the outstanding in field schedule gets released (and reservations open) March 20th #
  • Nicole J. LeBoeuf's article hit it on the head! #
  • Pictures of Betty White plying with Giraffes. That is all. #
  • If you are using Foursquare and are located in Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins, Colorado – You gotta read this #
  • Parks and Recreation used to have a great opening theme song, and now it's ruined forever (in a good way). #
  • Late brunch in the backyard makes for Satuday morning bliss #
  • Just got into bed party with @girlfriend. Best party ever! #sexsw #

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