Tweets For The Week Of 2010-05-24

  • RT @ChrisPirillo: How to protect your privacy online. Step 1: STOP SHARING SHIT YOU DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO DISCOVER. Step 2: See Step 1. #
  • RT @negatendo: So the AP Stylebook is behind a paywall? Man, correct grammar truly *is* cultural oppression! #
  • This is fucked up. Haiti has ceded it's power over finances and reconstruction to Bill Clinton & Jean-Max Bellerive #
  • Just entered the Green American Road Trip iPad giveaway. Follow @castlen and retweet #greentrip #
  • If/when my cats learn how to use door knobs then I will have to kill them before they can teach others. #
  • I have the greatest friends. #
  • Wow! Listen to Ronnie James Dio sing 'Love Potion #9 quot; live at a Domino's Restaurant in upstate New York via @wfmu #
  • Do you have a Denver Public Library Card? Do you want consumer reports online for free? Go here: #
  • I Love All This Shit!!! #
  • I personally think an albino peacock is much more striking than a colorful peacock #
  • RT @AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: Doing what you love is partying. (But what I love to do is party. Now what @andrewwk ?) #
  • For @mrlady – How do you work efficiently when you work at home? (It mentions nothing about a puppy) #
  • Not only did I get a photo in the Washington Post this month, I'm also a Greeblepix Finalist! Feel free to vote for me #
  • Heading out to the Youth Producing Change event. #
  • You knew about google's fun pac-man doodle today. But did you know it even emulates the infamous level 256 kill screen #
  • Picnic! #

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