Tweets For The Week Of 2010-06-14

  • RT @ladawn: Remind me to mention iPeriod's "intimacy tracker" in my suicide note. #
  • RT @Bi11y: This conference call is almost as much fun as fingerbanging Reese Witherspoon while riding a rollercoaster. Almost. #fear #
  • I actually welcome restriction of data as a basis for proper engagement with a set of ideas. #
  • I'm really digging the n+1: World Cup Preview and Team Analysis #
  • RT @magnetbox: Just watched a plastic bag float around for 5 minutes ala American Beauty, then fly directly into a garbage can. Mind blown. #
  • Thanks to twitter, instead of talking to someone directly, I can interact with a personal projection of someone's self-characterization. #
  • rt @pter I think it could be shortened to “nothing but the whole truth.” #
  • Did I forget to mention I have the best girlfriend in the world? No, I didn't, and yes, I do. #

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