Tweets For The Week Of 2010-06-28

  • Round and round; bow and kiss,
    I try to teach her caution;
    she tries to teach me risk.

    —Gregory Orr #

  • RT @mrlady: My lord, could this day get any longer? Oh, wait…. #
  • Sweet! RT @thematesofstate: At The Onion HQ, taping a Replacements cover song for the AV Club. #
  • Giving the shortboard network a try, maybe you should too #
  • The triple crown of annoying = "The Final Countdown" + vuvuzela + autotune #
  • RT @jkottke: Wimbledon match suspended for second day in a row: #
  • Made a couple of paradigm shifts in my thinking this week. One was easy the other came at a cost. #
  • Here is my favorite site to recognize today's anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson #
  • Hubsville – MyMiniCity. The more people who click on it, the larger it grows. #
  • Seriously. How the Fuck do I get an invitation to FFFFOUND! #
  • RT @ladawn: Never underestimate the power of a girl who's mostly dead inside and wearing an amazing dress. #

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