Tweets For The Week Of 2010-08-16

  • Did you know that Changi Airport in Singapore has a 4-story slide? #
  • What if the Hokey-Pokey is what it’s all about? #
  • RT @avinashkaushik: If U take any number,double it,add 10 divide by 2 & subtract the original # the answer is always 5! #
  • Barnes & Noble is giving away free eBooks of banned classics this week #
  • I’m so tired of wiping my ass. #
  • Nobody retweets anymore #
  • Haha. Erm, well, some do. RT @mattgunn: RT @hubs: Nobody retweets anymore #
  • Rhizome explores the first unboxing ever: Unboxing, Teardowns and Tear Aparts #
  • Ooh! Guest artist on the new Frances England record is @thematesofstate. Nice! (via @billchilds) #
  • Well my website survived the @boingboing link unscathed yesterday, good job @dreamhost #
  • Perfect mash-up of two songs I don't really lioke – Genesis vs. Katy Perry – Invisible Gurls (Mix) #

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