Two Types Of Cheese

My brother lent me the movie 28 Days Later. I it watched last night and thought it was pretty good. It definitely belongs to the horror/zombie genre but I didn’t figure that out till about half way through. I was thinking it was going to be more of an apocalyptic/morality flick. I did enjoy it though. Despite the fact that I’m usually not too keen on horror movies. Fortunately this one lacked the one liners that seem to always ruin a good scary movie for me. I was warned the ending was terrible and had maybe thus given it the benefit of the doubt. I thought it was the only ending possible. The three alternate endings on the DVD basically sucked and the director and writer both admitted to it. Ain’t nothing wrong with a horror flick and a giant plate of homemade nachos for dinner.

6 thoughts on “Two Types Of Cheese”

  1. i think that one is called ’28 days’.

    btw, hubs, the page isn’t loading well in mozilla. i can take a screenshot if you’d like….

  2. its funny you say that about 28 days… i thought 28 days later was the sequal to it when it came out. and ive found im not the only one.

    where does it say click to read?

  3. eelnahs – a mistake. i got it all figured out now.

    chevy – yeah like Sandra Bullock relapses and has to go on Naltrexone.

    eddie – “take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!”

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