Warning! Curves Streotypes Ahead

In these here United States of America, there is probably no other possession that outwardly says more about who you are, or who you want to be, than your car. “What do you drive?” is heard at singles bars/hunting clubs/green conventions around the nation. Knowing all of that, how come I never knew that Subarus are considered Lesbian cars (I didn’t even know I was making a joke, I love outbacks)? What kind of Gay Wheels will your Pink/Blue Dollars buy?

3 thoughts on “Warning! <s>Curves</s> Streotypes Ahead”

  1. my boss is brilliant, a kayak instructor, very out, and *loves* her “lezburu.”

    also – she explained to me the four lesbian quadrants:

    lipstick (girly lesbos)
    dipstick (masculine lesbos)
    chapstick (sporty lesbos) and
    chopstick (organic lesbos).

    i’m still marinating on this theory.

  2. I don’t think the lezbaru theory applies as much here in CO. There are too many non-lesbians (myself included) driving them – so they sort of cancel each other out and make the Subaru Outback sexual-orientation neutral.

    Although when I went to purchase mine, a friend told me not to get the light green one – she had a name for the color (referring to lesbians) but I can’t remember it! Needless to say, I went with Regatta Red.

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