Wednesday’s Wonderful World Of Wikipedia: Fictional Diseases & Toxins

This is an exhaustive list of nonexistent, named medical conditions which appear in fiction which includes diseases that have evolved naturally, artificially engineered biological weapons, hereditary diseases, magical diseases, and technology-based diseases. I think my favorite is Primary Vocabularyitis, from a episode of Bewitched titled “Samantha the Bard”, that causes Samantha Stephens to speak in rhyme.

As a bonus, here is a list of fictional toxins.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wonderful World Of Wikipedia: Fictional Diseases & Toxins”

  1. that table is missiong “brain fever” (or, kopfegeschlageen to those in the know) from the very awesome movie “soapdish,” and “brain cloud” from the less awesome but somehow still noted movie “joe vs. the volcano.”

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