All Aboard The Poopship Destroyer

Wholy shit mang! The Go! Team, The Flaming Lips, and Ween were all incredible this weekend.

We had a team at the doors at 10:00 am so our runners got us seats second row center (click the picture above to see me, and be sure to mark where you were at [click all sizes to get a good view of the crowd]). I was busy at will call but most of the others in our group got to watch sound check.

I really loved the Go! Team. I have been wanting to see them for a long time now. I bought there album as an import last summer not having any idea how much the pounds I payed for it transferred into dollars, just knowing I had to have it. Their show was complete energy and really pumped me up for what was about to come. Ican’t wait for them to get big enough to have an actual horn section.

Because of our coveted seats there was a lot of jockying going on before the flaming lips came on. Two incredibly huge dudes who were itching for a fight took my me and my friends seats when we went to get beer telling my brother that if we wanted our seats we were gonna have to kick their ass for them. Luckily a few friends back him up in the confrontation till security got involved. This all left a strange vibe throughout the night for me. There were a few times after that when I had to tell people who would just try to stand in front to get the hell out of the way. But my veiw was unobstructed for the entire show due to a two-year-old passed out in the row right in front of me.

The Flaming Lips were also tons of fun. Lots of theatrics and good tunes. Their cover of “bohemian rhapsody” was great, that’s a hard song to cover. But “war pigs” was weak I thought. The Santa and Alien dancers cracked me up. I like the fact that a couple got engaged on stage when normally I’d find that incredibly lame. It just seemed to be fitting for the atmoshpere this time around. Anyway, the flips had a great euphoric set and goods times.

Ween completely rocked my socks off. I was exhausted and still smiling by the end. Johnny On The Spot, Dr. Rock, and Buckingham Green, and Gene’s Arabic chanting were all highlights. Deaner fucking killed it all night and Gener’s rockin’ roll ego was larger than all of Red Rocks.

The whole day was great. A total time.

Lots of pictures here and here. And some more after the jump.

Flaming Lips at Red Rocks

Golden Eel
Baby Bitch
Light me Up
Take me Away
The Grobe
Even if you Don’t
Wavin my Dick
Voodoo Lady
Exactley Where I’m At
Bananas and Blow
Buckingham Green
[Gene and Dean on Acoustics]
The Mollusk
Chocolate Town
Tried and True
Mutilated Lips
Johnny on the Spot
Dr. Rock
Puerto Rican Power
Ocean Man
Blarney Stone

9 thoughts on “All Aboard The Poopship Destroyer”

  1. Thanks for the set list…and the pix…fantastic pix, btw!

    Could have sworn I saw a guy that should have been your bro…tall dude wearing a red t-shirt that looked just like you!

    Loved your review! I was hoping you’d do a post on this so I could get your take on the show. Now all that’s missing is for LSE and Shmeder to do one as well.

  2. Kath, I was wearing a red “larimer Lounge” T-shirt. My brother looks exactly like me but was wearing a green t-shirt and glasses. Also, I can’t take credit for any of those pictures, they’re all from the Ween Forum (linked above). I saw LSE at the show in line and taled for a minute and the again when I got insode but lost him in the crowd.

  3. i’m jealous. i’ve been a big fan of flaming lips since i got their album back in the 7th grade.
    i hate going to shows where people are dicks and push you around and try to take your seats.
    kinda funny how both our currently-newest posts have “poop” in the title!

  4. I wasn’t ever familiar with the Flips till I went to the show. I’m jealous about how long you’ve been listening to them.

    You can never go wrong with poop in your title.

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