Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want?

Red Rocks Couple

Caught a great Beastie Boys show at Red Rocks last night. I was pretty impressed with the whole crew but it was Mix Master Mike that blew me out of the water. He made each of their songs sound brand spankin’ new. Even instantly recognized songs like “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” were reworked with different beats to create a song that was fresh yet familiar. You can tell the boys were having a lot of fun and relishing their time on stage and that can really make or break a show to me.

Sunset At Redrocks

Whatcha Want

I also forgot to mention I was in Salt Lake last week for business and got to stay at the wonderful Snowbird Cliff Lodge. I also made my first ever visit to an Ikea store. To describe it in a word – overwhelming.

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  1. jealous, mostly because I thought I had a ticket to teh Beastie Boys, then I didn’t… was beyond bummed… but also somewhat because I’ve never been inside an ikea, just friends’ places decorated from there.

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