Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?

You are seriously missing out if you don’t check out the covers after the jump.

12 thoughts on “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?”

  1. I’m not really sure either Lux but the song is catchy as hell. This info is from WFMU Beware of the Blog:
    the identiy of the act itself seems to be closer to becoming, perhaps cruelly, identified. Unverified rumors suggest the name of the band is The Penny Magic Show, and the name of the song is actually “The Shrink.” The lead singer may possibly be named Penny Pearce, but the taping of the clip was definitely from a public access show, on a channel called Group W Cable Public Access, out of Santa Monica, California, in 1983. There seems to be conflicting reports that the band’s name may also be The Honeybees, or even Laverne and the Shirlies (oh please let it be that), and that there existed a cassette tape at one point, available for sale at their gigs, with other songs (copies of which may still be floating around). One unconfirmed source, claiming to be Penny’s grandson, says his grandmother Penny was always (surprise!) “really eccentric,” and recorded “The Shrink” after fifteen years of failed therapy.

  2. you know, aside from the dilligent, angry backup dancer in the shiny suit and the really complex lyric content structure (nuts, guts, butts), i actually owe these fine ladies a big thank you for clearing up whether or not i really am nuts.

  3. There is not much on gods green earth that is going to make you feel more sane that watching “The Penny Magic Show” sing their hit song “Shrink”. Unless of course somebody on American Idle (sic) sings it.

  4. I am Penny Pearce’s daughter.  We have created a new “Penny Magic Show”.  We just got out of the Studio and re recorded the “Shrink”.  She wrote this song over 20 years ago.  We are currently working on a music video that will prove to be one of the most incredible things you will ever see.  We have a band that consists of my husband on rythym guitar and other musician friends of ours that didn’t want to pass up being a part of this project.  My mom has written other songs that are also enlightening.  Please look for us as we will be coming out soon with the video! 

    1. Hi Sally,

      Is your Mom still alive? I wanted to get more information on the song etc. I have a client who wants to use it.



  5. Salli
    Why don’t you contact the guy who made the video for your mother. It is really good. I have seen it. I am the creator’s mother.

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