Willie Nelson Covers “The Scientist” By Coldplay

As much as I love both Chipotle and Willy Nelson, I have to agree with Popdose when they say:

It’s admittedly something of an indictment of the way today’s music industry operates that this song came about because Chipotle commissioned a two-minute stop-motion short film about the evils of industrial farming, but leaving that aside for the moment, this is surprisingly wonderful. In fact, we wouldn’t mind hearing Willie do an entire album of Coldplay covers that strip back the antiseptic bombast of the originals and leave only their plaintive melancholy.

Indeed it is surprisingly wonderful. And in my opinion, one of only a handful of cover songs that is actually better than the original. Give it a listen, then go buy it (it goes to charity). You can also watch the ad that the song was made for.

(via The Denver Egotist)

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