Xmas Ideas

So what are you getting your mom for christmas?
What are you getting your dad for christmas?
What are you getting your siblings for christmas?

19 thoughts on “Xmas Ideas”

  1. You asked for it!

    Dad-Patriots sweatshirt
    Mom-purse & cell phone case
    Stepmom-purse & furry scarf
    Brother 1-undecided
    Brother 2-sandwich maker thingy
    Sister 1-frog terrarium & Gameboy case
    Sister 2-Cabbage Patch Kid
    Sister 3-toy cellphone & shirt
    Boyfriend-Patriots hoodie, SI subscription, slippers, & Gameboy case. He better not read this….

  2. my family doesn’t do presents so much, though i might pick up a nice cookbook for my mom. getting sam clothes though – his wardrobe is desparate for an infusion of new clothes.

  3. My family doesn’t exchange gifts anymore. It’s nice to be able to avoid the crowds but I usally do give in a buy a little something for my neices and nephews.

  4. gaaakk…I have no idea!! All my family members are those proverbial ones with everything. Mom is easy, I’ll go to the mall and find fifty things she’d like. Dad is a little more difficult, but probably something gadget-y from sharper image or something. My brother, maybe a gift certificate for dinner out or something. He has a new girlfriend I”ve met twice, something girlie for her, maybe something from the vintage jewelry shop.

  5. i’ll probably get both of my parents a big sign that says, “hey, i graduated from college and got not one but TWO real jobs. what more do you want from me?”

    or i’ll just give my dad some duct tape. he likes that stuff.

    and my bastard siblings ain’t getting sheeeit from me this year, since not-a one of ’em called me on my birthday.

  6. I wish I had little sisters to buy Cabbage Patch Kids for.

    mom: Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD, and possibly a book on knitting since it’s her new hobby.
    dad: coal.
    brother: CDs, which I should order soon, thanks for reminding me.

    And you? (assuming they don’t read this site)

  7. Well, sadly, the mama is in heaven.

    So, for the Father/Stepmother combo, I got some original art from a blogger

    For the stepfather #1, a chihuahua figurine.

    For the stepfather #2, a collectible chevy clock

    Siblings: Walmart gift card, Origins gift pack, nothing and nothing.

  8. Not a damn thing.

    My oldest nephew gets a Blockbuster gift card.
    My niece and nephew in Georgia get an Old Navy gift card.
    My youngest nephew is getting a stack of Golden Books. He’ll like the Poky Little Puppy.

    Matt will be getting clothes, dvds,and other odds and ends.

  9. Mom: A book, a puzzle, and some kitchen stuff
    Dad: A sweater and a watch
    Sister # 1: A DVD, and Victorias Secret Contraband
    Sister # 2: GC to Home Depot
    Sister # 3: Pajama Set & Sweater

  10. Ripping DVD’s. Oh, its cheap all right. But I do the case, cover, label and everything. My knockoffs would sell like hotcakes on the streets of Bhagdad. Voila’, homemade gift, they’ll use it, and I get to broaden their tastes.

  11. mom – framed photos i took this year
    dad – a card
    siblings – nothing, we’re all broke and i don’t see the point in getting somone something cheap

  12. thanks for all the input and ideas folks. I think this is what I’m going with:
    Bro & Pandy – Grateful Dead box set
    Mom – Concert tix & a vase
    Dad – A no-fucking-clue-mabobber

    It should be a merry one.

  13. Momma is in heaven. šŸ™

    Dad and Stepmom, an original piece of art from another blogger at jelene.com

    Stepdad #1 – a figurine of a long-haired chihuahua

    Stepdad #2 – a clock of a corvette with Betty Boop on it.

    Brother – nada.

    Sister #1 – Walmart gift card and a pay as you go cell phone.

    Sister #2 – Nightlight and an oil lamp

    Sister #3 – Origins gift pack and a Happy Bunny keyring.

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