You’re My Obsession

I hate posting youtube links here, but fuck it, it’s Friday and I’m feeling nostalgic. So below you’ll find a youtube video of what is, in my oh-so-humble opinion, one of the best duets of the 80’s. The original video to this song is lame, so I’ll go ahead and point you to this one containing clips from Pretty In Pink. I just love the spooky keyboards throughout verses. Ahhhh memories.


2 thoughts on “You’re My Obsession”

  1. I remember going to math meet during my Senior year in Charleston, SC with two teachers and two other students and this came on the radio. My peers told me to stop singing it coz it was naughty. It was on the freakin’ radio. I’m sure they didn’t mind.

    I kept singing.

  2. Howard,

    Hahaha. Math Meet.
    The song is a little naughty. At my school that meant everybody would have been signing it instead of “The Wheels On The Bus Go Round”. We all loved the naughty during my Senior year.

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