A Day For Celebration

Today is an important day for me and a small portion of the world’s population. A time to celebrate our handicap and our ability to persevere despite the challenges that are put in front of us on a daily basis. Because of our disability, every day we have to cope with both intrinsic and socio-cultural biases. And although it’s not often discussed, my condition causes a large amount of injuries and occasionally death resulting from our inability to adapt correctly. The British Medical Journal has determined that those suffering our situation are significantly more likely to have premature, unnatural deaths*. People afflicted with my disorder are more likely to develop stuttering problems, dyslexia, and migraine headaches. We also often reach puberty 4 to 5 months later than normal, and have uncommon brain lateralization. Though not fully understood, my disability is thought to be genetic, and is probably passed on only by those with the gene in place. There is currently no known cure or remedy. Those not understanding our affliction often refer to us as awkward, clumsy, maimed or weak. Historically, people with my condition have been branded evil, crooked, and unclean. Things were so bad in the 1600’s we were burnt at the stake. And despite great leaps in the way we are now treated, society still needs to be better educated on what living with this particular condition is like. So today is set aside for to create awareness of our challenges. A chance for us, who are suffering under these conditions, to show our pride in who we are. A day set aside to take time and dispel of the many superstitions and prejudices concerning our condition. A time for us to celebrate the strengths and advantages inherent in our diversity.

Happy Left-Handers Day!

*British Medical Journal Article

11 thoughts on “A Day For Celebration”

  1. from one left-handed person to another, happy left-handers day!

    in latin, the word for left handed is sinister, meaning evil. the word for right handed is dexter, meaning strength.

    we’re a persecuted people.

  2. My grandfather — 99 and still going strong — is left-handed. Actually he’s ambidexterous since when he was in school they still thought left-handedness was something to be overcome.

    Happy Day. Don’t expect a card (g).

  3. i just found the old email in which you sent me a handwriting sample since i didn’t believe in lefthandedness.

    PS: why are you trying to trick people into thinking youve been thru puberty?

  4. chevy – that was a great email. my handwriting isn’t typical of a lefthanders.

    satan – you seriously worry me sometimes.

    dave – lefthanders rarely play catcher either (cause most batters are righties and the catcher would have to throw around them.

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