This Is So 14 Months Ago

Some of my favorite Googlisms when searching hubs

hubs is an innovative project
hubs is an enabling technology
hubs is fail or power off
hubs is organised into five departments
hubs is very expensive
hubs is to utilize state
hubs is a powerful tool for eliminating waste and cutting costs
hubs is just a bigger concentrator
hubs is only as fast as the speed of your network cards
hubs is only 5 meters
hubs is the information technology initiative that is transforming the mind
hubs is considered an unpopulated segment
hubs is that they are practically brainless
hubs is not extinct either
hubs is useful
hubs is nominated once a day to transcanada
hubs is hollow
hubs is a variation on the 501 hubs described above
hubs is that
hubs is a very similar process to that of the headset and bottom bracket
hubs is limited to five in order to place a limit on the round
hubs is driven by a number of factors
hubs is completed
hubs is limited to less then 5 meters
hubs is blinking
hubs is that it is hard to evaluate the quality of a suggestion
hubs is on display in the smithsonian institute
hubs is a misunderstanding
hubs is to bring together the best
hubs is a simple and cost
hubs is that low
hubs is easier than programming a vcr
hubs is 52mm
hubs is 500 pcs
hubs is treated as a single manageable entity
hubs is reported to work well; maybe a tad expensive for home use but good if you need lots
hubs is legendary
hubs is designed to accommodate larger
hubs is limited growth potential
hubs is $30 per month for the entire building
hubs is specifically designed
hubs is available for immediate shipment
hubs is another serious issue
hubs is available on our website
hubs is upset at joe for stealing his chick
hubs is crucial in building buzz
hubs is determined by long term reliability and for this we will always recommend shimano freehubs
hubs is by their level of complexity

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