Bats In The Belfry Or How To Use The Internet For Making A Record Of Your Life

Corner Of 16th & Grant, Denver

Last night, while walking home from work, I noticed this eerie scene and it reminded me of how close we are actually getting to Halloween. The nearly full moon and the belfry of St. Paul Lutheran Church and the dead tree limbs sure created a spooky mood. My new little moon phases thing says that a full moon should be coming any day now. The bells in the belfry can be heard in my apartment. Sometimes their loud ringing is nice and they act as a pleasant type of alarm, other times they can simply be loud and headache inducing. This mostly depends on my mood, demeanor, and how much I drank the night before. I remember one morning when the bells played, to my surprise, Cat Steven’s “Morning Has Broken”. Back in June of this past summer I recorded those churchbells on my cell phone.

10 thoughts on “Bats In The Belfry Or How To Use The Internet For Making A Record Of Your Life”

  1. i didnt know morning has broken was by cat stevens. wierd. it makes sense now that you say it.

    happy almost birthday!!

  2. There was totally visible total lunar eclipse here last night– from your picture it looks as if it might have been visible there, too.

    Sort of adds to the spookiness i thought.

    ok, whatever.

    um, happy sometime-around your birthday. This is fine. I completely support the idea that people should be congratulated for the entire month of their birthday and definitely the week previous regardless of month.

  3. my good friend joel says to me today, ‘dude, the beatles are alive and well,’ and so i says, ‘wha?!’ and he says, ‘just listen to the new elliott smith album.’

    which i haven’t done yet but he says for reals one of the songs (which i can’t remember the name) is extremely beatlesesque.

  4. Happy Birthday Sir Hubblesmeisterasaurus Rex! Fuck the snow though. And thank the lord Ween was cancelled because driving in that shit would have sucked. But happy birthday though.

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