My weekend started off with a Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains, a super band consisting of Les Claypool (Primus), Brain (Praxis), Buckethead (Guns N Roses), and Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic). The show was great, they played a really long session, had some wonderful solos, a couple of good covers and it was basically a full-on freak show. I went with A.P., my bro, Pandy, and a bunch of friends and I think we all had a blast. Opening the show was Gabbylala. She put on a great show playing all kinds of instruments; look for her album in 2005.

I slept in on Saturday consisted of yard work (raking leaves) and lazing around. I am still on the verge of a cold so I went to sleep early. By the way, that new doublemelt pizza thing from Dominoes is disgusting. Don’t try it. The chicken kickers, however, are wonderful.

On Sunday I ran a bunch of errands and then we had a pumpkin carving party. The weather was perfect to sit in the backyard with all the leaves falling around us making jack-o-lanterns. It was tons-o-fun and we have a whole bunch of freshly roasted and liberally salted pumpkin seeds to boot.

5 thoughts on “Freakshow”

  1. im glad you tried that doublemelt b/c ive been curious, even tho it seems disgusting. i consider it traitorous to have kickers without me however.

    buckethead? g’n’r? what?

  2. i’m glad it was you eating that nasty pizza melt thingy and not me.

    now if you’ll excuse me, i have something i want to say to the development teams over at domino’s and pizza hut (because, as we all know, they read hubsville regularly)

    dear stupid morons,

    you make shitty pizza. so, instead of making dozens of different varities of even shittier gimmicky pizza, i have a suggestion. WHY DON’T YOU SPEND ALL THAT TIME AND ENERGY MAKING PIZZA THAT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE A PIECE OF CARDBOARD SMOTHERED WITH BLOODY BIRD VOMIT?!?!


    i’m better now. sorry.

  3. ummm, i kinda like the Doublemelt… the thin crust is too thin and the regular is not crunchy and the pan is too greasy… I personally think it is pretty good… but i agree that there is better out there.

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