Billy Mays Is A Sad Robot

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There is something about this Kaboom commercial that is filtered through auto-tune that I really enjoy. It was created by CastOutTheSelf, and although it may not be quite as funny as Jabo0ody’s dubs, I like it better.

This Kaboom commercial is apparently run at 140 BPM. I wonder if there have been and studies done to determine the perfect beats per minute for shysters to use for there sing-song pitches? Does the lyrical styling of Billy May’s script help us tune into the commercial?

5 thoughts on “Billy Mays Is A Sad Robot”

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  2. I don’t think that’s autotune. Sounds more like a vocoder. Autotune wouldn’t filter the frequencies so heavily, and you wouldn’t be able to hear a musical carrier wave behind it.

    Still awesome though.

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