Tweets For The Week Of 2009-03-02

  • RT @mrlady: To whom it may concern: I am not concerned. #
  • RE all of your twits – TL;DR #
  • RT @gijyun: Your mother can’t wrestle, but I’ve seen her box. #
  • RT @jyzon: Nearing the 1K mark on here. The 1000 follower wins a date with the Mates Of State! #
  • Damnit Comcast! #
  • I’m having trouble penciling in my unibrow this morning. I think I need a new sharpie. #
  • RT @mattbrozo: The Pussy Wagon’s starter died. #
  • So who is going to #wordcampdenver tomorrow? #
  • Some dude next to me here at #wordcampdenver keeps blowing ass. And he’s doing nothing to conceal that fact. #
  • Man, the women were LOVING the large beads at Jojos Madri Gras Band. The one time a year I LOVE to were a necklace. #
  • Off to Lucilles for brunch. Probably getting the red beans & rice. #

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