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I finally made it onto Boing Boing. Well sort of. This is what was published:

UPDATE: Hubs writes, “In the alpine areas here in Colorado we have pink snow too. However, here it is an algae called chlamydomonas nivalis that gives the snow a bright pink hue. It’s called watermelon snow and surprisingly enough it also gives the snow a watermelon flavor that is easily digestible (in resonable quantites).” Link

So I was expecting all these hits. And then for my server to get overwhemled. And then for me to have to shut down this blog. And then I’d become famous for losing my blog to algae, kinda like dooce was made famous because she was the first to get fired for blogging even though she really wasn’t the first. And then I’d be the coolest guy ever, probably.

Instead I got 9 hits from Boing Boing today. Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to spell ‘reasonable’ or ‘quantities’.

If you want to learn more about watermelon snow check this out.

5 thoughts on “Boing Bonk”

  1. dang. it was an archive of her site, back when she used to write nasty things about her family and post unflattering pictures of them (well maybe the pics *are* flattering, I’ve never seen them in person)… also there was a really choice quote about how kottke asked her if she was worried about her family finding her blog and she basically said, haha, that could never happen because they were too dumb to work the internet and her sister’s hair would combust if it got near a computer. then a couple months later, her family did findthe blog, and she completely revamped her site and took down all the insults and bad pictures and wrote this big apology to them. It was all quite fascinating. very little resemblance to the dooce of today.

  2. Wow. I wish that was still up there. For some reason I believe dooce just might be influential enough to have the internet archive take it down, I hope to god I’m wrong though. By the way, that post you had about those flickr nutcases was fascinating!

  3. well, has instructions for removing your site from the archive, so it’s completely voluntary. but it doesn’t look like her site is blocked from the archive. I don’t know why that one page isn’t there anymore. Some of her other old stuff is still there, though. I don’t know, we all make mistakes, but it seemed like she was just sorry she got caught, not sorry for what she did.
    And yeah, those flickr parents are something. I believe the lesson to be learned there is that if you don’t know how the internets work, you probably shouldn’t be posting pics of your kids all over it.

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