Eight Inches Of Hot Italian Beef

I had my first Italian beef sandwich somewhere on the outskirts of downtown Chicago the first time I went out to visit my brother when he was going to school out there. It was probably on Clark Street. I don’t remember the name of the place, just the experience. You haven’t lived if you haven’t had a real Chicago Style italian beef sandwich.

People in Chicago are serious about their Italian beef sandwiches, the cubbies and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Chicago style Italian Beef sandwiches are difficult to obtain outside of the Chicago area. Supposedly, there are two places to get them in Colorado. One of them is a sandwich joint on west Colfax that I haven’t yet found. The other is Fontano’s (with stores located only in Illinois and Colorado). Fontanos make an incredible Italian Beef sandwich. They don’t know how to make them “wet” but they do have their own homemade hot giardiniera which is nice. I highly recommend you go out and get one of these as soon as possible.

The Italian Beef sandwhich I had for lunch today. Almost actual size.

8 thoughts on “Eight Inches Of Hot Italian Beef”

  1. Great title! (but the sandwich sounds gross)

    Yeah, I took your suggestion and opened the comments again…until someone gets stupid. And the newsletter that published my little essay is a work at home mom publication called the WC.

  2. theres some place in chicago with a beef sandwich that my neighbour talks about constantly. but now i cant think of the name of it. fuck.

  3. Jaeme – i thought you’d like the sounds of that. i’m glad your comments are back.

    chevy – i am constantly blabering about the ibeef sandwhiches too. i have since heard about three more places in CO that have them. yum!

  4. Hubs, there is a place just up the road from me called Chicago Jims, a real dive of a place, but man their sandwiches are delious. They come hot and wet too. Say the word and I’ll take you there.

  5. The place won West Colfax is called “Chicago”. It’s across from Casa Bonita on the south side of Colfax. There is also two restaurants called “Mustard’s Last Stand”, on University and in Boulder, which have authentic Italian Beef.

    Most places in chicago make them good if its just a small spot in a corner somewhere, other than that they suck everywhere, there are some recipees on the net for homemade ones im about to try it out.
    I wont let u know how it went because i will never find this site again

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