CEO Reading Lists

Back in July, Fortune polled a number of executives to find out what’s on their summer reading list. They’re read everything from books about the financial crisis to tomes on history’s great leaders. Of course there are a number management self-help and how-do-I-run-this-damn-company? books, as well as a handful of fiction. The results of the poll are below:

Brad Alford, Chairman and CEO, Nestlé USA

  • 1776, by David McCullough
  • Drive, by Daniel Pink
  • A paperback spy or mystery novel from the airport

Mary Erdoes, CEO, JP Morgan Asset Management

Jim O’Donnell, President, BMW

Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO, The Ladders

Alan Miller, CEO, Universal Health

Greg Sebasky, CEO, Philips Electronics North America

Lisa Stone, CEO, BlogHer

Tom Wilson, CEO, Allstate

Gilbert Harrison, Chairman, Financo, Inc.

George Barrett, CEO, Cardinal Health

Heath Golden, CEO, Hampshire Group

Christine Jacobs, CEO and President, Theragenics Corporation

Les Berglass, Chairman, Berglass and Associates

Jim Greenwood, CEO, Concentra

Stephen Wiehe, CEO, SciQuest

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