Last night I attended a really fun charity event downtown. A group of about ten of us in my office formed a chair-hockey team and entered as a sponsor/team in the tournament. The benefit was for The Bridge Project. The tournament was located on the vacant, 27th floor, of a high-rise downtown. Two “rinks” were constructed with cube-wall partitions. The floors of these rinks were covered in particle board.

The only two rules were: each player had to remain seated in their office chair during the entire game and no high sticking (one guy lost a tooth within the first 5 minutes of the tournament). Other than that it was absolute chaos for 5 minutes when the period ended. It was tons of fun. Not to mention all the free food and beer or wine that we wanted.

We ended up placing 3rd out of the 16 teams and were awarded with cheesy little metals and a free massage. I just got done with the massage and it was incredible. It was in one of those bizarre chair things (you know where you place your face in that weird cushioned toilet seat like apparatus) not a table massage, but I’ve never had a professional massage before and it felt great. I’m hoping that it helps boost my immune system and helps get rid of this cold I have.

More pictures below.

4 thoughts on “Chair-Hockey”

  1. I would like more information on Office chair hockey. Where do I go to find out more. I am very interested in the origin of this game as it may infringe on our game called “Rollerchairball”. If anyone knows any information about Office Chair Hockey or it’s inventors, please contact me right away.
    Mike Barone – Commissioner
    North Central American League Division

  2. Go MIKE! heh yeah this is Nathan from the team known as the Gobstoppers from the North Central American League Division in Wisconsin. This game looks very similar to Rollerchair ball except you guys use sticks instead of throwing the ball. I’de love to know more about this game as well. my email is:

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