Sweet Goodness

I’m still feeling sick. Now I’m starting to get congested but the fever has passed. The mornings are tough, but after I’ve been up for a while I start to feel better. Somebody in our office has recently acquired an account with Otis Spunkmeyer. With the account Otis provided us with an industrial sized cookie baker and a freezer (literally the entire freezer is full) of cookie dough. Now every afternoon the whole office smells like a chocolate chip cookie factory.

But I can’t keep away from the uncooked dough.

I’m not normally a huge fan of sweets. I hate cake, not a big fan of chocolate (I hate that flemmy film that [particularly cheap] chocolate leaves in my throat), will only eat hard candy on rare occasions. I have a pantry full of Whoppers, candy corns, and Oreos. And it will probably stay that way because I won’t eat them. But there are certain things that make my mouth water. I really enjoy ice cream, coke, whipped cream (from the aerosol canister), orange juice concentrate, mousse, and cookie dough.

I’ve come in every morning for the last two weeks and have eaten a chunk of cookie dough the size of two ping-pong balls. And then, sometimes, I have another chunk in the afternoon. This couldn’t be good for me, but I so seldom indulge in sugary sweet goodness that it feels justified. And it tastes ooooohhhhh-so-gooood!

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  1. Martha ( Liz's Sister )

    Yeah, my office has an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven – and to keep it we have to order two boxes of cookie dough a month. The raw dough is very good.

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