Embarrassed, Alternatively

I was somehow up and at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival before noon on Monday. It was pretty good. There were a bunch of the same artists that were there two years ago (I didn’t go last year) that I really enjoy (Jamie Perry, John Harris) and a handful of new ones that I really enjoyed (Kathleen Eaton). Gijyun might be interested to know I saw a “performance” by the two-fisted rock-me artist. He “did” Bono. Mostly it made me giggle, stare at my shoes and shake my head, and become embarrassed, alternatively. It was pretty hot there so I didn’t spend as much time looking around as I had previous times. It was a pleasant afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Embarrassed, Alternatively”

  1. i saw brian olsen, long-time friend and student of denny‚Äôs craft do a tribute performance. however, i admit i totally mistook them for the same person, all i know is these guys make splashing paintings of overated rockstars. i wasn’t really impressed. i would have been much more impressed with a dead dent on stage splashing paint around, even if it didn’t look like a top 40 artist.

  2. mostly he dipped his hands directly in the paint and then slapped his hands around on the canvass. however, he may have used tons of brushes in other performances i didn’t see.

  3. what do people wear to an arts festival? is that like an art opening?

    Is there an open bar? wine? cheese?

    maybce victoria went, I am going to call her and ake her right now……………..

    oh yeah, I forgot–she went rafting in Utah for a week. SIGH. I hope she is OK–Utah??? Sounds really dangerous

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