KHUBS Radio And Tompaulin

I like to call them the Belle & Sebastion for the elitist. However, they would definitely frown upon me for this description. In fact, they would probably skip the frowning and go straight for a punch in the throat. I picture them screaming, “Elitist?! Bugger off you twit! We’re the working class of Manchester. Fuck you and your elitism! And you can take your B&S and shove it straight up your arse,” as they attack me. But to me that is what they are. And I like them for it. Again it’s those boy/girl vocals and empathic melancholy that have me hooked. Ultimately, they are both better than Belle & Sebastian and are a far cry from snobby, which, for better or worse, puts them in the perfect position to capture that coveted cat-eye-glassed-hello-kitty-courier-bag demographic.

Once stating, “we’ll never package together our early singles – we’ll never do it,” Jamie Holman (Male vocals) proves that despite having a good voice, his penchant for sticking to his word is not quite as golden. Tompaulin released a compilation of all they’re early singles entitled “Everything Is Beautiful And Nothing Hurt”. But it would simply be too easy to slap this album up on KHUBS Radio, so I have recreated the most of the album with the original singles in the order they were released (songs 1-8). Then I included the entire “My Life At The Movies” single, which is fairly difficult to find in these united states and not included on the compilation album (songs 9-12). And lastly I included a few of my favorites off the full-length debut album “The Town And The City” (songs 13-17). So turn up your speakers, lay in bed, stare at the ceiling, and enjoy.

It has been rumored that Tompaulin is supposed to have a new full-length album out later this year on Track & Field Records. All of the music you here on KHUBS may be difficult to purchase in the U.S., you may want to start at one of the links below.

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