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I’m looking at using a news aggregator or similar type of service to start reading blogs. Has anyone had any experience using bloglines or kinja or any other type of service? Is there any other services that are better? How do you read your favorite blogs, by simply clicking on the links of your own blog, or do you use a “feed” service?

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  1. I use bloglines with their little windows notifier. I like it a lot. Especially now that I have 100+ blogs I (try to) keep track of.

    I say give bloglines a go… it’s free so it’s easy to jetison!

  2. I use Kinja, which does all right but is definitely not perfected. Sometimes my “journal” or whatever they call it will show all one blog, or multiple links to one blog entry – I’m not sure what causes it unless it’s a blogger republishing their entire site or something.

    The other minor downside is that it links to individual entries, so if there’s someone with a lengthy blogroll that I like to browse (like smitten for eg) I bookmark their site anyway.

    Still, Kinja works well enough that I use it.

  3. let me know if you like anything you find. i’ve been finding it hard myself to keep up with reading the blogs i like, and i only have 35.

    no worries about friday, we’ll chill soon enough.

  4. blah blah blah we’re big nerds blah blah blah hard to keep up blah blah blah not commited blah blah blah feeds and stuff blah blah blah have to go iron my pocket protector.

  5. i use bloglines and it rocks since its on the web and you don’t have anything to download (i.e. same list at work or at home). sometimes i just click on the feeds, othertimes i click from the link on my site. depends on where i am.

  6. I use Bloglines too, but I have subscribed to so many feeds that I can’t keep up with them all. Firefox has something called Live Bookmarks but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

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