KHUBS Radio And Azure Ray

I saw Azure Ray for the first time by mistake. A few years Ago I was going went to see Bright Eyes play at the Paramount and Azure Ray opened up for them. I was so pleasantly surprised by them that I ended up enjoying their performance more than the one I bought the ticket for. I bought the self-titled CD that night from Maria Taylor as she was working the merch table. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they sounded better live than on the CD (despite Conor Oberst’s crazy vibrato mucking things up in the background on a couple of songs). The women of Azure Ray have those sweet whispery female vocals that I’m a complete sucker for. And although their voices are breathy and sexy, their songs are so goddamn sad it feels like a punch in the gut. On KHUBS Radio I put Azure Ray’s entire first self-titled full length album (songs #01-11), the entire November EP (songs #12-17), one song (#18) off of the Burn And Shiver Album, and two songs (#19-20) off the most recent Hold On Love album. Enjoy.

Azure Ray
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  1. Conor Oberst’s music has touched me in a way that nothing else could. I am fourteen years old and i live in Ontario Canada. When i was nine my dad was diagnosed with cancer and he died when i was 12. Before that he was an alcholic and very abusive. I’ve had drug addictions, alcahol problems and been a pretty suicidal person. When i found conor oberst’s music it just spoke to me. I stopped cutting and doing bad things and i can just feel his lyrics inside of me. His songs are like the soundtrack to my life. This is how you tell the difference between good and bad music. I dont believe brittney spears or limp biscuit could truly change someone’s life like conor oberst did for me.

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