My Life Without Me

Last night I watched My Life Without Me (trailer can be found here). What a tear-jerker that was. I was a sniffling mess for a while there. I can’t remember who recommend this movie to me, but they said my Big List reminded them of it. Anyway, thanks whoeveryouare, it was really enjoyable. I thought it was a great movie, if not a bit depressing and a little manipulative, it really moved me. There are plenty of bad reviews out there for this movie, this isn’t one of them. I thought Sarah Polley did an incredible job. The stylization was just up my alley and the soundtrack was great to boot. The selfishness of the main character was lost on me till I started reading some negative views.

I also really enjoyed it because it correlated with the book I’m reading right now: White Noise by Don DeLillo. Both stories (the movie and the book) deal with the ever looming spectre of death, specifically terminal illness. They both deal with how we act when our time on earth becomes specifically finite. Neither of the characters (in both the movie and the book) choose to tell their spouses or their children. Is that OK to do? Are we obliged to tell our loved ones if we are going to die in two months? Are we saving them any suffering if we don’t? In addition, both main characters deal with issues of infidelity which draws even more parallels between the two stories. Anyway, I totally recommend the movie (as long as you don’t mind a good cry) and I’ll let you know about the book when I finish it.

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  1. It looks like a good movie. I got teary-eyed just watching the trailer. I think we all need little reminders from time-to-time that life is a gift.

  2. i have a friend who cry’s at hallmark commercials and lifetime network movies. and yes, it’s a guy. so i have no shame crying when i feel like it.

  3. allright–snap out of it would you. go out tonight, have a drink. relax. Or watch the movie called Happiness. that out to bring you back down to earth

  4. Happiness was one of the creepiest films I have ever seen. It was well done but the story was so goddamn disturbing!

    I dig Sarah Polley too. She and Katie Holmes were great in Go.

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