KHUBS Radio And Carissa’s Wierd Part II

Over the past week or two KHUBS Radio has been playing Carissa’s Wierd’s first album, Ugly But Honest 1996-1999, in its entirety. This week I’ll be playing their second album You Should Be At Home Here. And you should, because Carissa’s Wierd once again soothes us with their incredible blend of voluble lyrics and heartbreaking music. This album has much the same sound as the first. Some say better. The violin and accordion are slightly more pronounced and the sound quality is a little better. Their subtle grandeur shows through in multiples during this entire album. The song titles alone are poetry (i.e. “The Color That Your Eyes Changed With The Color Of Your Hair” and “The Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird Flying Around The Room”). This is music that grows on you like your favorite t-shirt, it gets softer and more pleasing with wear.

After emailing with Ben Bridwell (drummer) and Matthew Brooke (guitar, vocals) this week about what I’m doing here at KHUBS Radio I have also discovered that these guys are a couple of the most amiable and likable people on the planet. They’re self-deprecating in the most endearing way possible. Go buy their record at SadRobot Records now. In the mean time. Enjoy.

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