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Art At Your Park at Eban G. Fine Park, Boulder

On Saturday Pandy and me headed up to Boulder. We went to “Art In Your Park”. A friend of ours puts together an “art in your park” event in various parks around Colorado about once a month during the summer time. He has gotten a couple grants and a bunch of permits to help bring creative outlets and artistic awareness into the public. We pack up easels, water soluble non-toxic paints (cause little kids and dogs at parks tend to spill and drink a fair amount of paint), colored pencils, markers, crayons, painting boards, tons of good quality paper, cleaning supplies, a couple of signs, and all kinds of art supplies. We then haul it out to a local park. At the park, anyone who happens be wandering through and feels the need to get a little creative is free to do so. For free! Paint as many paintings you want, of whatever you want. All creativity is welcomed, and it’s a great way to expose kids and their parents alike to art and painting. Most parks bring in lots of families with variety of income levels, race, and other demographics. It’s fun seeing everyone have a good time. Nobody has walked away from Art In your Park without a smile. Boulder was no exception and the day was a real success (the last art in the park I attended was a bit of a flop due to weather) and lasted for about six hours. And really, not much can top a whole day of lazing around a park, taking in the sun, and relaxing – paintbrush or not.

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  1. That’s one of the things I love about living in NYC – people are so communal, and everyone hangs out in the parks together. When I lived in Texas it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone had their own yard, drove around in their SUVs, didn’t want to pay taxes for public spaces. I think there’s a happy medium.

  2. That rocks, hubs.
    I could see that becoming huge here in Eugene. Our art walk is pretty popular but it doesn’t appeal to the everyday working folks. Something like art in your park would be a hit.

  3. blossom – colorado is really outdoorsy. everyone here tries to do stuff outside or in the mountains. 300 sunny days a year with beautiful mountains and you would be too.

    chevy – yeah, we spent all weekend together. she’s like you and gets all freaked out being in the house alone. it’s been fun though, she’s a great girl.

    lambchop – you should see if it could be something that you start out there. the best part about it is that it encourages participation and creativity, not just looking at art.

  4. aw! What a great idea.

    I used to work as a camp counselor and the best part was when a little camper drew or painted something, put his/her name on it, and gave it to me.

    The putting of the name on the art is very important. Even five-year-olds know this.

  5. Joshua Wiener

    I just came across this, and I happen to have found and direct this program, Art In Your Park. It is a non-profit 501c3 art organization that provides free community access to the arts for the general public. We set up in parks and offer opportunities to paint, draw, make music, etc. We started in Durango, CO and have had chapters in Telluride, Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, and San Diego, California. If you want to contact me BRING ART TO THIS PLACE!!!

      1. I saw the link, thank you. Things are going well. I have more commissions than I ever have had. I still am below the poverty line, but it is the best I have ever done so I feel tremendously successful.

        How is life for you?

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