KHUBS Radio And I Am The World Trade Center

Ok, so. I Am The world Trade Center. Well, I’m not. But they are. Yeah, they know it’s an unusual name for a band. And yes, they had chosen the name long before the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists. This link explains how they came up with such an unusual band name. Well, It’s not really a band either. It’s Amy Dykes and Dan Geller and a computer. I guess that might qualify as a band. I don’t know anymore. But I do know they make some incredible music. I’m not the biggest dance music fan but I love nearly everything IATWTC has made. That’s why I have put them up on KHUBS Radio today. They have a poppy, retro, electronic sound (which isn’t surprising considering they cover the like of bands such as New Order, The Human League, Berlin, and Blondie among others) that has that contemporary dance floor feel, but isn’t kitschy. Most of all it’s fun. It almost forces you to dance. If you’re not dancing to this you’re a robot. Scratch that, even robots are dancing to IATWTC. I’ve talked about IATWTC a few times around here and got the pleasure to hang around and drink beers with Amy & Dan the last time they were in Denver. They are turbo smart, and 100 different kinds of great. Mostly the friendly and humble kind of great. They have been through the ringer lately though. The two have recently broken up and have gotten back together again (kind of), they’ve had label problems, controversy surrounding their name, and last month Amy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. You can send her a get well card to Amy Dykes PO BOX 829 Athens, GA 30603. I’m wishing you the speediest of recoveries Amy. Get well soon.

This episode of KHUBS radio contains the entire first I Am The World Trade Center album called “Out Of The Loop” which accounts for songs 1-14. Song 15 is the 15th song on the very hard to find Japanese release of Out Of The Loop and is one of my favorites. Song 16 is cover a The Promise Ring song that was released by Kindercore on a 7″ from their singles club. Song 17 is actually the Brittle Stars song Four Words that has been remixed by I Am The World Trade Center. And don’t forget to buy their new album “The Cover Up”, it gets released June 29th. Enjoy.

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Amy, Hubs & Dan. Larimer Lounge, Denver

9 thoughts on “KHUBS Radio And I Am The World Trade Center”

  1. man you just cant get enough of the guy/girl team that makes wierd noises. they even look like bizarro MOS.

  2. i do love my boy girl duets, especially when there are relationships involved (quasi is another good one). when they were on tour woth MOS the girls were mistaken for sisters all the time.

  3. What a name for a band, I’ll bet they get mixed reactions. The day fter 9-11, my co-workers at my former job and I all noticed a mural on the wall that we hadn’t noticed before- a wall-size photo of the towers. It got mixed reactions, some thought we should take it down, immediately. Others wanted to buy it.

    Hey, btw, Hubs- you’re pretty cute!

  4. allison – with some people, you’re treading a thin line just talking about the world trade centers blowing. and thank you.

    marcello – i love mos. i talked about seeing them with rainer maria here also here and here. kori is pregnant.

  5. yeah, kori is pregnant and jason is the father. i think she’s had the bun in the oven for a whie and is due sometime this summer.

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