Ditch Days

Just got back from another baseball game this afternoon. I love getting the afternoon off of work (paid) to go eat hot dogs and drink beer. No really, I loooove it. The tickets were free, given to me by the boss, so I grabbed my assistant and we had a ditch day. A cold, wet, ditch day. The weatherman on the jumbotron said it was 42 degrees. And I rained nearly the entire game (in fact it snowed last night, I can’t believe its mid-May and it still snowed! see those clouds on the horizon in the picture below?). But a ditch day is a ditch day, no matter the weather. Oh, and incase you’re wondering, the Rockies won this time.

8 thoughts on “Ditch Days”

  1. We get to do that on July 23. We have the Skybox at Shay Stadium for a Mets game. It comes equipped with full open bar and food. And there is nothing better to make baseball more interesting than a couple of cocktails.

  2. I LOVE going to baseball games. in my top 5 of fun things to do. alas, it’s so much harder to get tix to a Sox game this year, since everyone & their grandma suddenly decided to become a fan….

  3. I worked at Coors Field for three seasons, startng when it opened. I’ve seen a lot of games there, and I’ll see plenty more. I still think it’s one of the best stadiums in the game, despite the fact that homeruns are supposedly easier to hit. Go Rockies.

  4. wow. i need a job like yours. i wish i could find something that let me do that. i need to search for a new or second job anyway. the salary at the newspaper just isn’t cutting it any more. now, if only they had turkey hot dogs…

  5. lambchop – the weather “dampened” the experience. sorry.

    jocelyn – baseball and beer go hand-in-hand.

    erin – and just when i though i couldn’t like you any more.

    cello – it’s not like that all the time. work is work no matter what job you have.

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